“Jordan Crane is the person you are looking for to invigorate your marketing message. With unlimited creative capacity, he can deliver a solution that captures the essence of your story and creates that “aha” moment. I have known and worked with Jordan for many years and he has always exceeded my expectations in the way he is able to take a concept and artistically actualize it so quickly and succinctly and, above all, makes you feel connected to its source.”

Rochelle Martel, CFO, COO, Brotman Medical Center, Los Angeles


“Jordan is one of those people who bring an endless amount of energy and creativity to anything he's working on. I have worked with him in a number of capacities over the last 20+ years and I am constantly impressed with his professionalism, his grasp of marketing goals, and his ability to think outside the box.”

Bobbi Jankovich, Art Director, Guzman and Associates


“Jordan is one of those clear thinking individuals that has a strong grasp of all the details of every project with which he is involved. He asks all the right questions and knows how to communicate marketing messages better than anyone I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Will Olstad, Senior Account Manager, Chromatic Litho


“Jordan brought a fresh and distinctive copywriting style that energized the bank's retail marketing and sales support materials. He is a perceptive “quick study” and able to take the ball and run with it, achieving positive results.”

Wendy Cockley, VP Group Product Manager, Bank of the West


“Jordan is an amazing copywriter. Working with him was a pleasure because he always managed to remain positive even when the craziness of the creative group would have driven most people over the edge. Thanks Jordan!”

Jennifer Billings, Creative Coordinator, Teleflora


“I worked with Jordan for several years and found him to be a very creative, innovative writer, in addition to being a nice, straight-shooting guy He was affable, made friends easily, and was liked by everyone in both the creative and marketing groups. We could use some of his spirit today.”

Daryl Warner, Senior Copywriter, Teleflora


“I was fortunate to have Jordan as a mentor early in my career. He's a rare energetic, type-A guy with a calming, assuring sense about him. I was always astounded by how little information -- technical or otherwise -- he needed to turn out what I would classify as "award-winning" creative.”

Marc Wolfe, Marketing Vice President, Barracuda Networks, Inc.